Sunday, 15 March 2015

Broadband and line service of qualitative output

As an organisation, Mega telecom needs no introduction; it is one of the supreme service providers in the UK providing services for small business.
·         The organisation has been more than effective in knowing about the needs and demands of the customers who are in need of qualitative services.
·         Its value added framework of positive work force and modest price has been successful in making the organisation one of the dominant names in the field of telecom and broadband services for commercial purposes.
Target of the organisation: Since its inception the organisation puts forward the target of meeting the goals and objectives of various customers placed in the country.
1.   The success story of the organisation is quite different from that of the other organisation.
2.   They primary objective of the organisation knows the needs of customer and provide them services accordingly.
3.   A detailed analysis is done by the core team, before installation of services.
4.   It enables them to know about the particular package that is to be set up.
A question often crops up, what different the organisation does which made it such a successful service provider.
Ø  To be candid the organisation does have a skilled team of professionals who make a detailed market survey to know about the various wants of the customer.
Ø  The skilled professionals accordingly places the demand to the higher authority who create effective packages and fix a modest price, which is sure to be business driven and more than effective.
Being one of the efficacious service providers Mega telecom have often been encountered with a question of how it is being possible to maintain the services at modest price.
The obvious answer is, the organisation has been successful enough to cater to the maximum number in need and services, which allows cutting their prices and offering services at a modest price.
High speed broadband services: Talking of the broadband services, it is the duty to inform you that this particular organisation is one of the broadband service providers, having a highest speed and business driven bandwidth.
1.   The broadband services are manufactured keeping in mind about the level of business that is in progress.
2.   It ensures all the commercial needs are meted in time without any further delay.
3.   Mega telecom is duty bound if any problem arises and the professionals would hurry past to your place ensuring that you get back your services in quick time.
Assurance from the organisation: One can ask for queries any time one is in need. One can call up the customer care services and place the respective demands. The customer care executives are ready to solve out your problem in quick time.
Success rate of the organisation:
·         The organisation has been successful both in the domain of line rental and broadband services.
·         It is the prowess to announce that they have catered to both the niche customers and the middle class customers that they don’t confine ourselves providing service to one group rather, it is our mission to reach out all and sundry.
The credit off-course should go to the loyal customer who keep faith in the organisation and help them in making our business standards more than effective.
A positive channel of communication: The organisation tries to create a positive channel of communication between both the customers and the employees ensuring a positive turnover for the organisation and a bond of amity between the organisation and the customers.
In conclusion it can be asserted that it has never been a problem providing services in the country rather it has been a level of satisfaction in catering the populace for the organisation.

Internet in UK as compared to Internet of other European Countries

The specified number of adults using the internet every day in Great Britain has risen to maximum in the past few years. In the year of 2006 the user was 16 million which has risen to 33 million in the year 2012. The current growth of the Social networking has been one of the most significant changes which have brought about a change in the communication sector.
Present records and statistics:
·         According to the recent study by the European Commission, it says that the internet is being used by the children with rapidity in the European countries.  
·         As of the survey during the year of 2005 conducted on the parents on the member countries opine 34-35% of the six to seven year old used the internet which rose to near about 42% to 43% six year old use the internet whereas 52-54% of the young users are seven year old.
·         To get the accurate picture of what people need to spend in these European countries relating to internet service Ofcom created five typical corporate profiles. These ranged from a low use of business basic.
Top priority: Providing qualitative services in terms of commercial activities has been one of the top priorities among the service provider in UK.
Looking specifically at the age group of 16 to 24 in UK has now joined in the fifth proportion among the social networkers in the EU. The specific number of the users using services is around 90%.
Usages in other European countries: To be honest and specific Netherlands has the highest proportion of internet users ranging from the age of 16-24. They are more in favor of using social network.
Range of usage variability in Europe: Even the middle age person does use the internet and the social media in quantum.  As of the statistics is concerned 97% and 92% in Sweden and 92% in Portugal too are using the internet to its fullest. Thus it can be noticed that the usage of Internet is rapid in the European countries.
Digital technology: European countries support the provision of digital technologies and the development of digital literacy skilled force in the early childhood, the internet provides new opportunities for learning, participation, creativity and communication with others.
Target audience:
Ø  The Internet in the UK aimed at teenagers has been severely criticized at times for their default privacy settings. 
Ø  At the same time paying less attention to monitoring respectful conduct than the virtual world do aim at primary school aged children.
Ø  European countries do have a different tenacity and are much more advanced as compared to United Kingdom United Kingdom.
Economic analysis: on the other hand the organization providing services goes for a SWOT analysis before launching a particular Internet package. The internet services are being launched for business purpose, keeping in mind the business purpose of all and sundry. Internet provider goes for a detailed market survey in providing services.
Economic analysis in other European countries: As of the European countries are concerned, they go for a different market survey like knowing what the youths are in need of at the same time what type of business are in run in these countries.
1.   The service provider to provide different service providing services in terms of mid contact prices rises, easier switching, and providing service for getting non-geographic numbers and basic telephony service.
2.   The services being provided are of modest price which aims at providing a better business standard whereas European countries aim at providing global services too.